Seat Covers

Car seat covers

Why do you need seat covers?

To protect your car seats from dirt and grime, to protect it from sun rays as well as improve the aesthetics and value of your car. We at Car Interiors specialize in ready-made universal size seats covers for your specific requirements.

Our Car seat covers in NZ are extremely durable and are dirt resistant. You can wipe it off, since, unlike fabric, these covers do not absorb liquid. They are easy to care for as well as consequently last longer.

Our high-quality seat covers bring additional comfort and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter improving your driving experience. Aside from maintaining a clean look, our seat covers will protect your car upholstery from wear and tear and hence add resale value to your car.

We are a reputable team that understands the finest seat options for your vehicle. If you are all set to enhance the interior or shield it from work as well as pet debris, we are ready to help you.